There are a lot of people making shredded rubber pillows from the scrap of mattress making. Great idea. But a lot of those manufacturers are using shredded rubber that has synthetic rubber mixed in. We get only the purest shredded rubber from Organic Cotton Plus in Texas for purity. 

Our pillows are expertly made with our organic cotton damask. We do not use the weak sateen, as we want these to last. 

Shredded rubber is a great fill as it is very malleable. You can move it where you want support. Wrap it around your neck, under your shoulders, whatever works for your comfort. 

Shredded rubber naturally repels dust mites and mold. So it is a great pillow to use daily. 

See our organic pillow cases

Machine Wash, Tumble Dry

Standard 20 X 25"

Queen 20 x 30"

King 20 x 35"

Body 20 x 54"

Euro 26 x 26"

Travel/Throw 16 x 16"

Boudoir 12 x 16"

Child 14 x 20"

See our 9 x 60" cylindrical body pillows here. 

Call for custom sizes 1-800-939-0701 

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