We have been making infant mattresses since 1994. Our focus has been purity and durability. We designed these with our natural rubber (which we have tested in a US facility for purity), and natural EcoWool from Northern California. We have visited our wool supplier ourselves to check the purity! We love these mattresses since they have no cotton at all. Cotton is a haven for bed bugs, bacteria, and mold. So by using simply EcoWool and natural rubber, we protect your little one. 

Natural rubber, offers support and give, to let your baby move and sleep in comfort.

We usually do 2" mattresses but still have some of our 1.5 and 3" mattresses here on clearance.   

We can do custom sizes as well. So replace that $2 synthetic mattress with a pure mattress for your Amby, Baby Bunk, Arms Reach product, PortaCrib, Co-Sleeper, or any other item that has a synthetic mattress or pad. 

SKU: EBW18302