Dolomite Color Choices

Our lowest pile product constructed from the finest all natural wool available. At 30 ounces, Dolomite is not as thick as our other products but it still has excellent durability. 

Throw Rugs are expertly serged with the natural wool for a gorgeous look and durability. Choose 4 x 6', 6 x 9', 8 x 10', 10 x 12'

Natural Latex Gripper Pads are available for your throw rugs. 

Wall to Wall Carpet in Rolls Available, please call 1-800-939-0701

Or buy in rolls for wall to wall carpet installation. See our wool underpad.

Face : 100% Undyed & Untreated Wool
Wool Weight : 30 oz

Width : 12 feet
Primary : Hemp/Cotton

Durability: All residential applications & light commercial

Colors: Snowfield, Granite, Tussock & Ursus

You can get a sample pack of 4 x 4" pieces of our carpets. It is $1 per sample piece. You can also send them back to get a full refund if you like. If you buy a carpet, the sampling costs (up to 10 samples) will be deducted from your carpet or rug purchase.