Prices of good toxin free mattresses have gotten so high. We are making it easier for you to pick up a low cost alternative. 

So many companies are using natural latex and calling it an organic mattress. Watch out for these companies. If you want purity, you want GOLS certified latex cores and a pure Certified Organic Cotton and Organic Wool or EcoWool Outer. 

We sell the pieces individually here for you to assemble your own custom softening topper or pad for any bed or lounging surface. 

Here is how I suggest you make a nice toxin free organic pad/topper. 

1. Get our 2" organic latex cores, sold below or go to our 3" cores

2. Get a layer of organic wool insulator for comfort and breathability OPTIONAL

or an organic cotton washable quilted mattress pad. 

3. Get an organic cotton zip on cover.(we make custom sizes too)

You now have the ingredients for a simple natural topper

We recommend the soft or extra soft for bed toppers. You may like these for other uses so we included our firmer options. 

Custom sizes available at no extra fee. 

Xtra Soft 18 ILD (Internal Latex Density)

Soft 22 ILD

Medium 28 ILD

Firm 32 ILD

Xtra Firm 38 ILD