Prices of good toxin free mattresses have gotten so high. We are making it easier for you to pick up a low cost alternative. 

We have been making organics in the purest of surroundings since 1992. Employees may not have any toxic shampoo, fragrance, residue from anything on their bodies at all. We demand total purity here. We package everything in our food grade polyethylene to keep you as safe as can be. I suffer from MCS, so I am diligent about chemical intrusion.

You can make your own Crib mattress. These are for standard cribs approximately 27.5 x 52"

Here is how I suggest you make a nice toxin free organic mattress. 

1. Get 1 or 2 of our 3" organic latex cores, sold below

We recommend Firm for infants. Many of our customers like to get a firm and  Xtra Firm and put Xtra Firm on top when baby is an infant then switch to Firm on top as baby gets older. But you can buy just 1 core (3" is plenty for babies up to 60 lbs)

2. OPTIONAL - Get a layer of organic wool insulator for comfort and breathability or you may prefer to just put our organic cotton/wool filled comfort pad on the mattress. These insulators are also good for anywhere you need a breathable layer, sometimes under the mattress needs breathabliity to prevent mold. Mold and Latex are great natural mold inhibitors.

3. For babies we do recommend a wool moisture pad to protect your mattress from accidents. And for more heavy wetters, a machine washable organic cotton quilted mattress pad

4. Get an organic cotton zip on cover. 3" for 1 layer, or 6" for 2 layer

You now have the ingredients for a simple natural bed. 

We recommend firm for infants, and you can put a soft or medium on top as baby grows. If you get 2 pieces, put soft or medium on bottom till baby is about 6 months. 

So if budget is primary issue, get 1 3" core firm, 1 wool moisture pad, 1 organic cotton cover 3" total cost $268

When baby gets older, that moisture pad can go on any bed for protection.