Prices of good toxin free mattresses have gotten so high. We are making it easier for you to pick up a low cost alternative. 

You can make your own mattress. 

Here is how I suggest you make a nice toxin free organic mattress. 

1. Get 2 or 3 of our 3" organic latex cores, sold below

2. Get a layer of organic wool insulator for comfort and breathability OPTIONAL

or an organic cotton washable quilted mattress pad. 

3. Get an organic cotton zip on cover.

or our Deluxe Organic Cotton with Quilted Wool Mattress Outer

You now have the ingredients for a simple natural bed. 

For a more deluxe mattress, you can get additional 3" cores. 

We recommend Extra firm on bottom, then firm, then soft top. But you can customize to your preference. 

Have a big weight and preference difference between partners?

On a King Bed, you can get Twin XL cores and make each side of your bed custom to your preference. For example, I am 100 lbs, my partner is 200 lbs, so my side is extra firm, medium, soft, his is extra firm, firm, medium. Then we got a 3" king soft piece to put over all of it.