So many essential oil companies have an impure rose essential oil. Even organic essential oils may still be 5% impure by definition. Unfortunately the labelling of essential oils is misleading. You can call it 100% pure essential oil, even if it is diluted. I am so glad doTERRA does no dilution and just accepts that it may be expensive and true essential oil users will recognize the superior quality. 

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Rosa damascena, more commonly known as the Damask rose, is a small shrub with thorny stems. Originally from the Syrian capital Damascus, it is highly sought after for its many therapeutic properties. Before the sun crests the horizon in Bulgaria, workers can be found in fields harvesting the delicate bloom of the Rosa damascena. The labor-intensive production process has a very low yield; takes more than 10,000 freshly picked rose blossoms to produce only one 5mL bottle of Rose essential oil. Because the petals are so delicate, the distillation process must happen the same day that the flower is harvested. From this labor comes an essential oil known for its sweet floral aroma, beautiful and romantic.

How to Use:

Diffuse Rose essential oil to uplift your spirits; the blooming floral fragrance brings about feelings of love, care, and comfort.

Apply topically in daily skin care routines. Rose essential oil helps balance moisture levels in skin, reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, and promote a healthy-looking and even skin tone.

• Combine one to two drops with the doTERRA moisturizer of your choice and apply to the face, neck, and décolletage.

• Apply one drop to skin imperfections twice daily.

• Diffuse in the morning to promote feelings of energy and vitality.

Why Rose?

• Helps balance moisture levels in the skin and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections

• Promotes an even skin tone and healthy-looking complexion

• Soothing and stress-relieving aroma

• Rejuvenating, stimulating, and harmonizing

First used in perfumery, pure rose oil is frighteningly expensive as it takes around 110kg (250lb) of petals to produce a single ounce of concentrated essential oil. A labour intensive process, the rose petals must be picked by hand early in the morning before sun rises high in the sky and evaporates the oil.

In addition to rose oil, rosewater is also a by-product of the distillation process that produces the essential oil, although the rosewater commonly available from chemists is more frequently made with synthetic fragrance extracts, not real roses. Genuine rosewater is available from herbal and aromatherapy suppliers and contains up to twenty per cent pure essential oils that are soluble in water and left behind after the distillation process.


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