I LOVE Kapok pillows! These pillows are so easy to care for and feel so amazing. They are easily malleable to put the stuffing just where I need it. I can wrap it around my head, I can push it up under my shoulder, I can create a nose hole when I sleep on my stomach (I know, bad me). 

Even better, I can machine wash and dry these so they last 20 times as long as regular synthetic pillows. They do take 2-3 dryer cycles to dry completely, but they come out so clean. I wash them every month. 

These have a zipper so you can adjust the fill to your personal preference. 

I use these also whenever I travel, because they are completely washable, and I can get that icky hotel room smell out. 

See our organic pillow cases

Standard 20 X 25"

Queen 20 x 30"

King 20 x 35"

Body 20 x 54"

Euro 26 x 26"

Travel/Throw 16 x 16"

Boudoir 12 x 16"

Child 14 x 20"

See our 9 x 60" cylindrical body pillows here. 

Call for custom sizes 1-800-939-0701 

Compare our prices. Even though we use a more expensive outer, damask, our prices are still lower. 

Healthy Body Head To Toe Pure Living Space Savvy Rest Lifekind/OMI
Organic Cotton Pillow $50 $90 $81.75
Organic Wool Fill Pillow $79 $98 $149 $96.75
Shredded Rubber $60 $89 $99 $63.60/$126.75
Kapok $59
Nursing Pillow $99 $130 $155


Contact us for info on our drop shipping and wholesale pricing on pillows, pads, comforters. 26 years of all organic and natural manufacturing. 

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