So many companies sell pads on synthetic backings, so we created an all pure pad for you. Our pure EcoWool is woven into an organic cotton knit backing so no sheep were murdered, and you can still enjoy their warm fur. 

These deluxe pads are great for taking pressure off of joints and hips, while creating more airflow for those who tend to sleep hot or cold. Creating a breathable, cozy sleeping environment that is warm in winter and cool in summer (natural properties of pure untreated wool). 

A great alternative to those sheepskins with chemically processed backings. 

We make these in every size so anyone at any age can enjoy them. Babies, children, adults, older adults, and pets. Take this with you camping, or for yoga. 

This pad is approximately 1" deep and 33 oz per square yard. Luxury you won't believe. 

We source this from Northern California. 

Here are some size recommendations (but call for any other size 1-800-939-0701

Bassinett/Stroller 18 x 33"

Travel 18 x 26"

Crib 28 x 52"

Massage Table/Travel 26 x 75"

Twin 38 x 75"

TwinXL 38 x 80"

Full 54 x 76"

Queen 60 x 80"

King 76 x 80"

CaKing 72 x 84"

Sold by the yard 60" Width

Queen and King are made by hand stitching 2 pieces together. You will not see this on the front side, only on the back. 

You can order a small 3" x 3" sample for just $3 to cover shipping

Care of our Luxury Pad:

These pads go through a natural felting process for first several months of use, during which time the pad may look a bit matted. Just spot clean and air freshen in the sun. Hand rinse or wash in hand wash cycle of washer in cool water. Do not wring or twist. Lay in sun or warm place to dry. 

I have had mine on my bed for 15 years and it is still very comfy. 

Our wools will have the natural scent of wool for a little while as they are only processed with water. This natural farm scent is pleasant to most and dissipates in a short amount of time.