We have spent decades creating various mattresses for people who wish to avoid toxins. We have created a very simple mattress that is fully customizable at a great price. Why pay more for quilting and fancy stitches that serve no function? Save your hard earned money. 

We are a niche company, not a big store, so you can call me so we can figure out the best options for you. 1-800-939-0701

We use organic latex rubber to create a core. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 cores each 2-3" thick and cover it with our organic cotton zip on mattress outer. 

For 1 core: we recommend a Medium firmness, or firm if you are heavier. 3" may not be enough support for some people, its great for kids though. 

For 2 3" cores: We recommend Extra firm on the bottom, and soft on top. Lighter people may prefer an extra soft top, and/or a firm bottom. 

For 3 3" cores: we recommend Extra firm, Firm, and Soft OR Firm, Medium, and extra soft depending on your weight and preference.

If you want to add more softness, just get a simple topper. 

Then purchase your organic cotton outer, 3", 6" or 9"

Go Here to Start Customizing

Your cores will arrive direct from our organic latex factory and the cover will be shipped by us. 

Add any items such as an organic cotton quilted mattress pad, tufted mattress pad, or EcoWool topper, or organic latex topper. 

Questions please call 1-800-939-0701