We know you want to protect your mattress, and may even wish to have a layer of protection between you and a synthetic mattress. So here are some solutions!

EcoWool Tufted Pads are a deluxe option to create a bit of padding and comfort. We make these 3/4" or 1.5" with our wonderful pure, tested EcoWool expertly hand tufted in between 2 layers of our organic cotton damask luxury fabric. This gives it durabilty and an attractive look and feel. Hand Wash/Air Dry

Organic Latex Pad 1.5". These pads are simply a layer of our organic latex to cover with a sheet and add softness to your bed. You can purchase a 1" thick organic cotton cover if you like, but you can also save money by just putting on top of your mattress and covering with your sheets 

EcoWool Deluxe Moisture Pad This is a layer of felted EcoWool that is moisture resistant for leaks and spills. 

Organic Cotton Quilted Pad Layers of organic cotton batting are mzchine quilted in between 2 lyers of our organic cotton damask for  athick absorbant pad. Gret for breathability and to absorb leaks. 

And we make these in a completely pure environment. Our sewers all live and work in our facility so they do not have any chemical residue on their skin, hands, hair, etc. We allow no impure products, no chemical deodorant, hair products, creams, etc. 

We ship in food grade pure polyethylene to protect you!