When it's time to make a soft, natural haven for your baby, you come to us. I have been manufacturing organic crib bedding since 1992. All my babies grew up on this bedding. Heck, my young adult children still use the crib for a natural daybed. 

We have made every detail the way a mom raising her kids in purity would want. We only use the absolute purest materials and we take care of them every step of the way. You will not see us exposing your babies to synthetic fragrances by wearing anything at all when we are working on your products. We will not be mistreating the organic cores as we have seen other manufacturers do. We won't walk on them, throw them on the floor, or ship them unprotected from the elements. 

When you are creating your haven, first you want a pure mattress. We have the least expensive options here for the purity we provide. 

Certified Organic Latex Mattress is 6" super Firm on one side and Medium Firm on the other for babys safety and comfort. You can adjust firmnesses on each side if you like. 

Then you can buy an organic cotton outer. Choose our pure GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Zip on outer, or our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton barrier (dust mite protection) fabric outer. 

Choose any padding or protection you would like. We highly recommend an EcoWool Moisture Protection Pad to put between baby and the sheets. 

You can also use our Organic Cotton Quilted Pad to absorb leakages if your baby is a heavy wetter or you want more comfort. 

If you desire more breathability, especialy as baby grows, you can add our Certified Organic Wool Insulator Pad. this is light and airy, just under 1/4" thick (it is not water resistant). 

Then choose from our selection or Certified Organic Cotton Sheets

If you need extra warmth, see our Organic Cotton EcoWool Filled super breathable Crib Comforters, our Organic Cotton Quilts, and Gorgeous Organic Cotton Comforter Covers. 

If your baby keeps smooshing head against rails, you may enjoy our Organic Crib Bumpers

We have these in All Organic Cotton (Machine Wash/Dry) if you are lazy like me and need easy cleaning. Or Pure EcoWool Filled (Spot Clean Only). 

And for those who don't like dust bunnies under their crib, or wish to hide things they are storing there, we have Organic Cotton Crib Skirts. 

And If you want something to protect your baby from dust mites, see our optional Organic Cotton Barrier Crib Mattress Covers (these can be used in place of the mattress outer above). 

Now Your Baby Is In A Pure Surrounding so They Can Thrive. 

p.s. Most detergents (even those labelled natural) contain some chemicals that we don't like to expose our organic cotton bedding to. I have found doTERRA detergent to be a nice pure choice. Let me know if you need any and I will see if I can get you some for Free.