I am so happy you are considering joining me on my journey to Financial Independence! I am Ginny, Leader with doTERRA Essential Oils. I spend a lot of my time mentoring others to build a successful business with doTERRA, and I would LOVE to help you too!

Are you spending your time working for someone else, being paid for your hours, with no end in sight?

It reminds us of the man who was hauling buckets of water to his small town for a living. And if he wanted to earn more, he simply hauled more buckets. One day, it hit him. He could build a pipeline to bring water to his town so he would not have to haul buckets every day. 

So in his spare time, he worked hard building a pipeline. Each night he would spend an hour or 2 building. Then after a few years, the pipeline was finished. He turned on the spigot and his life was changed. He no longer had to carry water in each day. He had created an endless source of income for his family. 

Are you trading hours for dollars? Are you unsatisfied with your work? Do you need more flexibility? Do you need to work from home? Can you follow a system to get things done? 

If this is you, or you want it to be you, come to learn more about how I can help you grow your own doTERRA business. If you are ready to go, call me 1-800-939-0701 US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Mexico

If you want to learn more, come to our Business Builders Training Online. Contact me to find out when our next Complete Business Builders training is. ginny@healthybodyheadtotoe.com

Here are the Highlites in my Intro to Oils Video and Short Business Training Sneak Peak at the end of the video. 

What is a Business Builders Keys for success?

First, They make a committment, not excuses. 

They usually join with a complete Natural Solutions Kit so they can use and share the products. Psychologicaly, this investment shows your leaders that you are serious, and is more likely to result in you working harder since you have invested in yourself. 

Second, They Learn and Follow our successful systems. They persevere, working in their spare hours to build their pipeline (metaphor)