The Ultimate Cancer-Proof Home Checklist! 

A Few Things to Keep in Mind: Take this seriously! Several causes of disease, or aggravators of existing disease, can be removed entirely by working through this list!

Don’t feel bad if you realize you have a lot of concerns present in your house right now.

Everyone starts somewhere, and the important thing is you’re getting started!

Don’t feel overwhelmed or get frustrated by the number of items on this list.

Some of these are simple changes you can implement today, some you may need to plan or budget for.

The list is color coded to help you prioritize. In each section, individual item or small area concerns and corresponding solutions are listed first, followed by whole home or large area solutions.

We’re truly honored you’ve joined us in our mission to create healthier kids, one family at a time!!

I. Air

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• Mold • See “Fungus” Section

• Furniture/Mattress Off Gassing • Look for non-toxic options, get unfinished furniture, and get mattesses and bedding such as the ones here on our site. 

• Carpet Off Gassing • Avoid new carpet, use natural wool carpets/area rugs, and/ or non-toxic hard floors

• Mercury Vapor from CFL Light Bulbs • Use incandescent light bulbs

• Washing Machine and Dishwasher Chlorine Vapor • Run it at night with an open window or get a whole house water filter

• Chlorine Vapor from Sink Water • Mindful and sparing hot water and open windows or get a whole house water filter

• Chemical Cleaning Products • Don’t keep any inside your home - they off gas even if they’ve never been opened! Use natural products or make your own products with esential oils and vinegar. 

• Dust • Use wet cloths to remove

• Paint Off Gassing • Use Non-Toxic Paint such as AFM Safecoat

• Building Material Off Gassing • Build a green home and/or avoid standard new home construction • Use chemical sealing paints if off gassing materials are the only option. AFM Safecoat makes several.

• Heavy Chemicals from Gas Stove / Range • Use an electric stove range or if not yet possible, ALWAYS use hood or fan and open windows

• Printer Off Gassing • Use a dot matrix printer • Print in a well ventilated area and walk away while printing

Whole Home or Large Area Air Solutions

Variable Speed HVAC System with Air Exchange and High-Quality Filter: The Rolls Royce! An air exchange will continuously pump fresh outside air into the house. Look for the filter with the lowest micron level and a means of addressing pathogens. Variable speed allows for continuous filtration.

High Quality Area Air Purifier: Look for low micron levels, high square foot coverage, and a means for addressing pathogens.

Vent Filters: Antibacterial filters can be installed under all heating vents in the home. They’re cheap and easy!

House Plants: Nature’s air purifier. One plant per 100 square feet is optimal.

Open Windows: Don’t keep breathing the same air! Keep windows open, if even just a crack in cold temperatures.

II. Water

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• Drinking Water • Use a high quality gravity filter or Reverse Osmosis with Remineralizer

• Shower and Bath Water • Use bath and shower filters

• Dishwasher / Sink Water • Rinse dish with filtered water before use

• Bathroom Sink Water • Use shower filter water for brushing teeth and washing hands

• Plant Water • Use filtered water especially on edible plants / herbs 

Whole Home or Large Area Water Solutions

Whole Home Water Filter: These are not as expensive as you’d think and it’s definitely worth it to finance. Add up all the solutions discussed below and the choice becomes obvious!

III. Fungus (Mold)

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• HVAC System • Periodic cleaning (including ducts) and heat vent filters

• Frequently Damp Surface • DIY Test Kit

• Carpets • Replace with hard floors and wool area rugs

• Inside Walls and Ceiling • Professional inspection

• Humidifiers • Avoid use due to proneness to mold and / or clean frequently with food grade hydrogen peroxide

• House Plants

• Treat with anti-fungal essential oils

Whole Home or Large Area Fungus (Mold) Solutions

Professional Inspection & Remediation:

This is the only way to truly assess your current mold exposure. A professional service will be able to tell exactly what you’re breathing in and what is growing under the carpets and in the walls!

Diffuse Anti-fungal Essential Oils

IV. Light

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• Regular Light Bulbs (blue light) after sundown and before sunrise • Use red LED light bulbs in after sundown and before sunrise and / or wear blue blocking glasses

• Electronic Device Screens (blue light) after sundown and before sunrise • Wear blue light blocking glasses

• CFL light bulbs (daytime & evening use) • Use incandescent light bulbs

Whole Home or Large Area Light Solutions

Exposure to blue light after sundown throws off several crucial bodily systems, notably melatonin production.

V. Electro-Pollution (EMF)

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• WiFi Router • Hardwire all devices with ethernet cables (use adapters if necessary) • Call service provider and disable WiFi

• Baby Monitors • DIY hardwired security camera and monitor • Sound only monitor (greatly reduces EMF)

• Smart Meters • Ask utility provider if they have an opt-out program • Use smart meter shielding equipment • Raise community awareness and petition if necessary (Take Back Your Power is an excellent documentary that you can educate others on about the dangers of smart meters)

• Nearby Cell Towers and Antennas, Neighbors WiFi Routers and Smart Meters • Relocate • If relocating isn’t possible, use EMF window shielding and shielding paintEducate your community on the dangers of EMF

• Dirty Electricity • Use dirty electricity filters • If building a new home, use shielded wiring (at least in places of most use, i.e. bedrooms and main living area)

• Cell Phones / Tablets • Use a shielded case • Keep on airplane mode when not in use • Set down away from living space and near a window if possible to reduce phone “searching” for a signal • Use speaker phone or air tube ear buds

• Computers / Video Game Consoles • Hardwire with ethernet cables • Use computer shielding blankets

• Power Cords • Use power cord shields

• Power Outlets • Use shielded outlets

• Light Switches • Use shielded switches Whole Home or Large Area Electro Pollution (EMF) Solutions

Professional Inspection & Remediation: Most cities have services that will come to your house with expensive equipment to test exposure and provide the best possible remediation plan.

Handheld EMF Meter: Less expensive meters can be purchased for under $200 to give a very good idea of the general levels in each room of your home.

Install Electric Kill Switches for Bedrooms or Turn off Breakers at Night: Wiring in most homes also emits harmful electric fields. An electrician can be hired to install a switch outside the bedrooms so that no electricity enters the room throughout the night. Moving the bed away from the wall is also a step in the right direction!

VI. Children’s Products

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• Flame Retardants on Pajamas and Sleep Sacks • Tight fitting outfits labelled as long johns, or wool pajamas aren’t required to use flame retardants but be sure to read the label just in case

• Purchase wool jammies and sleep sacks as wool is naturally flame retardant

• Chemicals in Plastic Diapers • Use cloth diapers • If using plastic diapers, look for chlorine free, low chemical additives

• Estrogen Mimickers in Plastic and Silicone Pacifiers (More than just BPA!) • Use natural rubber pacifier

• Off Gassing from Crib Mattress • Use a natural / organic crib mattress

• Plastic Bottles and Sippy Cups • Use glass bottles and stainless steel sippy cups

• Lead in Toys • Avoid cheap plastic toys • Look for organic or wooden toys

• Chemicals in Children’s Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap & Diaper Rash Cream • Look for an EWG No. 1 rated product • Use sparingly to protect skin microbiome

• Baby Wipes • Use cloth baby wipes or water wipes

VII. Personal Care Products

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Soap • Look for pure products like doTERRA and use sparingly to protect skin microbiome

• Hand Soap • Look for an EWG No. 1 rated product and use sparingly to protect skin microbiome • No use of antibacterial soap

• Deodorant • DIY Coconut Oil and Corn Starch Product • Look for an EWG No. 1 rated product • No use of antiperspirant

• Toothpaste / Mouthwash • Look for natural USA products or doTERRA • DIY Toothpaste or just plain coconut oil • Try oil pulling

• Makeup and Hair Products • Look for natural USA products or doTERRA

• Feminine Hygiene Products • Use organic products

• Lotions, Moisturizers, and Lip Balm • Look for an EWG No. 1 rated product or just use plain coconut oil • Eat more healthy fats

• Body Spray, Perfume, and Cologne • Look for an EWG No. 1 rated product or use essential oils

• Sunscreen • Use hats and clothing as first line of defense • Use zinc based sunscreen if absolutely necessary • Frequent sun exposure to build tan but not excessive time in the sun • Limit sunglasses

VIII. Cleaning Products

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap. Dishwasher Detergent, Carpet Shampoo, and Clothing Stain Removers • Look for an EWG A rated product or doTERRA Laundry products

• Fabric Softener • Use wool laundry balls

• Hard Surface, Kitchen, and Bathroom Cleaner • Look for an EWG A rated product • Make a DIY Solution like vinegar, water, and antibacterial essential oils

Whole Home or Large Area Cleaning Product Solutions

Read Labels, Pronounce Ingredients: If you wouldn’t eat with it, don’t clean with it!

Steam Cleaner: We love our high-powered steamer. It was a little on the expensive side but it’s replaced most cleaning products and does an incredible job not only cleaning but disinfecting as well.

IX. Cookware, Tableware & Food Storage

◆ Areas of Concern and What You Can Do!

• Non-Stick Cookware (Toxic Teflon), Low Quality Stainless Steel Cookware (Leaches Heavy Metals) • Use cast iron cookware and / or high quality stainless steel cookware

• High Heat Cooking (Creates Carcinogens) • Cook on low heat and don’t burn / char your food • Avoid barbecuing and broiling

• Baking Pans and Tin Foil (Leaches aluminum) • Use a pizza stone

• Lead Glazed Ceramic Tableware / Cookware (Like Crockpots) • Call manufacturer before purchase • Buy locally made products and ask the artist

• Lead in Colored Glasses • Use clear mason jars or clear glass

• Plastic Tableware • Use ceramic or clear glass tableware and stainless steel cutlery

• Plastic Food Storage • Use glass food storage containers or natural storage wrap