To me, oftentimes, Yes. It is simple science. We have found that when oils are blended, they have a synergistic effect, meaning when they perform together they are more potent than working individually, talk about teamwork!

I know when I have head tension, I can use peppermint oil, or lavender oil on my temples, but together, they really are a powerhouse of relief. 

Often it takes a blend of potent essential oils to serve a particular body function, like balancing an organ system or aiding a region of the brain.

Essential oils combined into a blend results in an entirely new molecular composition, where the sum is greater than the parts. This is known as a synergy  which makes the blend more effective than the individual oils for specific issues. This is also why it is so important to have pure potent oils that are being used and studied medically, not those cheap store brands. Many cheap oils are missing significant natural chemicals due to improper or incomplete distillation of the essential oils nature has provided to us. This results in a reduced ability of the oil to have its desired effect. 


The term “synergy” means “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects” and is based on complex interactions among the many constituents of the individual plants from which the oils are derived that give the oil its unique characteristics and healing properties.

When you blend essential oils together, the chemical constituents in individual oils can enhance the other oils in the blend.  For example, combining oils that are high in antimicrobial chemical components, like an essential oil rich in menthol with an essential oil rich in eugenol, will create a highly effective antimicrobial blend. Here is a great study on this effect. 

In The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, David Stewart writes that single oils can “adjust their vibrations to play in harmony with the rest of the family of compounds that define the blend.”

Stewart further notes that “molecules of essential oils resonate with your tissues at the frequency of healthy tissue, which restores the organ to its natural, healthy state.”  Creating blends that match the frequency or vibration of healthy organ tissue, including specific tissue in regions of the brain, can be much more powerful. 

Stewart states that when opera singers shatter crystal, it is because of a principle known as resonance, where two things vibrate in unison, in essence, matching frequencies. If the opera singer could perfectly match the tone of a piece of crystal, the glass would break. It was the resonance that shattered the glass, not just volume. If he sang a note that did not match the frequency of the crystal, the glass would not shatter, no matter how loudly he sang.

“Essential oils work in a similar fashion. The various organs, tissues, and cells of your body inherently possess certain pitches or fundamental frequencies. Oil molecules that resonate at the frequency of your pancreas will administer therapy there,” according to Stewart. 

What an exciting are of study. Swiss researcher Hans Jenny found that each organ in the body makes sound at specific frequencies. The sound is not audible to the human ear, but the vibrations of the sound are measurable. Jenny found that when an organ malfunctions, it no longer emits the healthy sound frequency. He then employed the principal of resonance; aiming specific, audible, high-intensity frequencies of sound at the organ, he could, in essence, reboot the organ and return it to health.

In The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, David Stewart explains “the sick organs were out of tune and in a state of dissonance. By coming into a place of resonance with the healthy (sound) frequencies,” they would return to balance and health. “That is what essential oils do. That is how they work – by resonance with organs, cells, and even our thoughts and emotions."

This shows us the amazing potential of essential oils: using them to reset different organs or even regions of the brain to return them to balance. Like you reboot your phone or computer when glitches appear, essential oil blends which match the frequency of healthy organs and regions of the brain can be inhaled, ingested, or applied to return the body to homeostasis, basically  rebooting our body’s complex computer.