Are you looking for an amazing organic latex contoured pillow for neck support?
  • Gols Certified Organic Latex | Gots Certified Organic Cover
  • ERGONOMIC CONTOUR DESIGN: Great for side and back sleepers; Helps correctly align the spine by supporting the natural curves of your head, neck, & shoulders. Contour height of 4 inches or 5 inches based on positioning customizes your neck comfort - head is cradled with 3 inches of breathable foam. Medium Firmness.
  • CERTIFIED BY TOP 2 TRUSTED ORGANIC ORGANIZATIONS: This pillow has met the most stringent qualifications: the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and we have both!!! Don't fall for other companies "100% Natural Latex"/"Organic" claims. It's meaningless with no standards behind it and most of the time the product is partially natural/organic, while still having toxic chemicals.
  • NATURAL & CHEMICAL FREE: Made from Eco-Harvested Rubber Trees using the Dunlop production process since it is the most energy-efficient method of producing latex foam!. No off-gassing. Hypo-allergenic & resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mold & bugs.
  • GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, & ECO-FRIENDLY: We're a company who is a PRO green planet. Our contour pillow is 100% organic latex with an ALL organic cotton cover & biodegradable. In creating organic products, we push for cleaner practices in production and lower the use of natural resources for a greener planet!
  • *ORGANIC COTTON COVER INCLUDED*: Luxurious 100% Organic Cotton covering included to increase durability. Protect it from normal wear and tear and extend the lifetime of your pillow with our removable and washable zippered cover.



  • High-Loft (Soft) The contour parts are 5in - 3in - 4in
  • High-Loft (Medium/Firm)  The contour parts are 5in - 3in - 4in
  • Low-Loft  (Soft) The contour parts are 4in - 3in - 3.5in 
  • Low- Loft (Firm) The contour parts are 4in - 3in - 3.5in
  • Medium Loft (Medium/Firm) The contour parts are 4.5in - 3.5in - 3.7in

  • Base size is 19" x 24" across all versions