Now that we know toxic chemicals are slowing down our metabolism, making us feel fatigued, overworking our liver, we are starting to turn to toxin free products for our pets and ourseles.. 

We cannot forget our pets, our dogs, our cats, our best friends. We want them to live longer and healthier too,. 

I have been making organic baby and pet products since 1992. Our goal is to keep everyone healthier. 

Our pet beds, crate pads, etc are designed for comfort, longevity, and safety. 

Made with tested pure natural latex from the rubber tree, without adding formaldehyde or other strange chemicals, and covered with a zip off organic cotton cover. 

Why Natural Rubber?

Our rubber comes from the rubber tree. Latex and foam are synthetic and full of chemicals that hurt our pets. We test our rubber for toxic chemicals. 

Rubber also has the added benefit of resisting dust mites, resisting mold, and not tasting good, so your dog will not chew up their bed. 

Our certified organic cotton outer zips off to machine wash and dry easily. 

Choose your size and your thickness to best support your pets body.