We have been making infant mattresses since 1994. Our focus has been purity and durability. We designed these with our GOLS Certitied Organic Latex and Natural EcoWool from Northern California. We have visited our wool supplier ourselves to check the purity!

Made with safety in mind. Our Xtra Firm Organic Latex will support your little one and allow them to breathe safely. 

Organic Latex Core only. Customize by adding a wool moisture pad or organic cotton pad. 

GOLS Certified Organic Latex, offers support and give, to let your baby move and sleep in comfort.

These popular cores are 2" thick for perfect support.

If you prefer our budget natural rubber mattresses, click here

We can do custom sizes as well. So replace that cheap synthetic mattress with a pure mattress for your Amby, BabyBay, Baby Bunk, Arms Reach, Cradle, PortaCrib, Co-Sleeper, Stokke or any other item that has a synthetic mattress or pad. 

Custom Sizes Available

Made in San Diego, CA


Felted EcoWool Moisture Pad

Organic Cotton Quilted Premium Absorbent Mattress Pad

Fitted Sheets

Amby Baby

Baby Bunk 15 x 35"

New Baby Bunk 17 x 35"

Mini Bassinet 13 x 29" Oval

Bassinet 18 x 31" Oval

BabyBay 17 x 34" Custom Corners

Mini Original Co-Sleeper 18 x 31.5"

New Mini Co-Sleeper 19 x 32.5"

Ideal Co-Sleeper 23 x 38"

Cradle 18 x 36"

Mini DaVinci 23 x 36.5"

DaVinci Mini Crib 24 x 38"

Mini DaVinci 24 x 37"

Playyard 26 x 38"

Pack N Play 26 x 36"

Sleigh Bed 21.5 x 31.5

Stokke Mini 23 x 29" Oval

Stokke 26 x 45" Oval

Stokke Junior Oval