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doTERRA recognizes that weight management is very difficult. They have researched to find natural plants and methods to help in maintaining an ideal weight. 


Approximately two in three people in the U.S. and most developed countries around the world are overweight. Losing weight is not just a matter of looking good in your swimsuit; it also has profound implications in improving your health and longevity! For many overweight people, losing as little as 10 pounds can significantly improve markers of good health, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Most degenerative diseases have been associated or directly linked to being overweight.

If you struggle with weight, you’ve probably figured out what scientists and doctors already know: there is no magic weight loss pill. We can’t keep eating too much and exercising too little and then expect a pill to fix it. Similarly, extreme crash diets don’t work either; the changes are too drastic and cannot be maintained. After a few weeks or months, the lost pounds are regained.

Successful weight loss requires reasonable, doable lifestyle improvements. More than that, they need to be long-term changes to really get lasting results. This is easier said than done, of course. We are all creatures of habit who naturally resist change. Plus, today’s food and beverage offerings in restaurants and supermarkets have been optimized for great taste and appetizing aromas at the expense of being healthy. Then add our sedentary jobs and lifestyles, and you have a perfect storm of factors working against even our best efforts to lose or even maintain weight!


For most of us, the greatest challenges are the cravings and snacking urges in between meals or after dinner. To help you specifically with appetite control and snacking, doTERRA now offers Slim & Sassy Control™. This breakthrough product controls cravings by helping the body feel full. It features a proprietary extract made from spinach called Appethyl™. *

Appethyl works so well that many people feel reduced appetite and cravings after the first try. In fact, there are eight human clinical studies showing that it reduces appetite and cravings. These studies also show that it helps people lose weight when used as part of a weight management program.

So, how does Appethyl work?

Essentially, it helps our digestive system signal to the brain that we
are full. Let me explain: Our small intestine is about 23 feet long. The refined foods we eat nowadays are digested very quickly, mostly in the upper part of the intestine. All the way at the bottom of the small intestine we have special receptors  that detect undigested fat. When these receptors detect fat, they send a message to the brain that we don’t need more food. However, the fats from today’s refined foods almost never make it down to these receptors. They are digested so quickly that we don’t get the message that it’s time to stop eating. This is why we feel like snacking and eating all day long.

Taking Slim & Sassy Control with your food helps slow down fat digestion just enough that the fat makes it all the way down to these receptors. As soon as they detect the fat, they send a powerful message to the brain that we’re full. So, what we’re doing here is simply supporting our body’s natural way of controlling appetite.*

We offer two options of Control: An instant beverage mix powder and healthy snack bars in three flavors. Here’s how to take Slim & Sassy Control Instant Mix: If you’re like me and your biggest problem is snacking after dinner, then take it with lunch. If you tend to snack throughout the day, then take it  with breakfast. Be sure your breakfast or lunch contains at least a little bit of healthy fat. Your body needs healthy fat and it helps make Control do its job. Mix it into your doTERRA TrimShake made with low-fat dairy milk or almond or soy milk. You can also make a TrimShake smoothie with some avocado or yogurt. The sky is the limit for recipes.

The Control Bars already contain healthy fats, so you can take them even in between meals as a healthy snack.

I have evaluated hundreds of weight-loss ingredients, and our Appethyl® spinach extract in Control is by far the best researched and most effective weight management ingredient I’ve ever seen. We have secured the exclusive rights to Appethyl® in our business channel, and we’re excited to provide the full clinically tested amount in each serving of Slim & Sassy Control.

We recommend using it as part of the doTERRA® Slim & Sassy® program, and we’re confident that it will help you take control of the long-lasting lifestyle improvements that lead to successful weight loss. Studies also have shown that taking a good multivitamin further enhances success of weight loss programs, and there are no better multivitamins than doTERRA Daily Nutrient Pack™ and doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack.™*



How? By making smart food and beverage choices. Go for more fruits and vegetables, quality protein sources (like fish, chicken, low-fat dairy, and beans), and drink water. Avoid most processed foods, bakery items, pastas, breads (esp. white), pizza, and fried foods. Snack on fruits or a few nuts instead of chips and ice cream. Use doTERRA TrimShakes to prepare healthy, high-protein, high-fiber shakes and smoothies to replace breakfast and or lunch.


Americans get over 25 percent of their total daily calories from sugary soft drinks and juices. They don’t satiate and are loaded with calories. Even diet sodas don’t work, since they cause sugar cravings later. Drink water instead—and lots of it! Humans are naturally designed to drink water. Use a few drops or doTERRA Slim & Sassy® Metabolic Blend with the water you drink in between meals.


When you are feeling hungry, your body starts burning body fat. Don’t be afraid of feeling hungry! Yes, it’s not one of the most pleasant feelings, but try to visualize how you are burning fat when hungry, and keep in mind that eating something will immediately stop the fat burning.


Being too ambitious with exercise initially is a main cause for failure. A fitness tracker (such as FitBit, etc.) can help. Exercise must be enjoyable and doable at all times. When you want to increase your regular exercise level, do so gradually. Taking it slow allows you to adjust both mentally as well as physically. If you are not used to exercise, consult your doctor before starting.


Counting calories and activities can be a little bothersome, but it’s highly educational and you’ll get used to it in a week. It opens your eyes to how much calories your foods and beverages actually contain, and how much exercise it takes to “repair the damage” of eating too many calories. I use MyFitnessPal when I want to lose weight, and it’s one of the best apps out there.


Old habits are hard to break, and research shows that repetition is the key. Once you are used to your new, healthier routine you have formed a new, healthier habit andthings get much easier. Make these lifestyle changes gradually; it’ll be easier to adjustand they will last you a lifetime!

*Appethyl is a trademark of Greenleaf Medical AB


Dr. Carsten Smidt is doTERRA’s Chief Science Officer and oversees research and product development. Dr. Smidt has held executive research and development positions for almost 20 years, working for leading global companies in dietary supplement, nutraceutical, and medical food industries. He holds a doctorate degree in Nutrition Science and Physiological Chemistry from the University of California at Davis and is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition. Dr. Smidt is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys the outdoors.

"Successful weight loss requires reasonable, doable lifestyle improvements. More than that, they need to be long-term changes to really get lasting results.”