Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

Diffuser Jewelry is a great way to keep your essential oils close while looking great! They slowly diffuse the scent to keep giving your olfactory system the benefits of that oil. We use these a lot for mood altering oils. Just like you can get knocked out from the chemicals you smell when you have surgery, you can also get emotional and mental changes from potent essential oil scents like doTERRA oils. (don't worry, we have not found an oil that knocks you out)

*If you are using a store brand of oils, or some of the less potent brands, use 3-6 drops on your pendant, if you are using doTERRA, just 1 drop. 

Terracotta necklaces hold on to essential oil in the tiny pores making it diffuse over many hours. 1 doTERRA drop goes a long way.