No More legitimate doTERRA on Amazon or ebay

David Edmunds

Things have changed a lot here. doTERRA has grown rapidly and has announced they will be removing all legitimate doTERRA products from Amazon, ebay,, and other online shopping malls by the end of April. Anything bought on those sites after that is "buyer beware" and is most likely illegitimate product. That means you will find their great products on sites such as this one. Look for authorized doTERRA from their numerous advocates. I am #1269118. Currently new advocates are in the high 4 million range. So growth is huge. I have been developing my 4th leg and many are taking advantage of the fact they can sign up, get great discounts, and earn a little or a lot of income without having to work initially. My team is doing the initial work for them to get them their first checks. 

Anyway, I hope that whatever your level of use of the doTERRA Essential Oils and other great products they make, you can always get what you need here. 

Feel free to join our facebook group at Healthy Body Head To Toe for great tips on using doTERRA products, and tips in general for health and well-being!

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