Essential Oils as a Great Income, no more Amazon!

Essential Oils as a Great Income, no more Amazon!

David Edmunds

If you love natural products, you can make your love into your job. Like many others out there, I have sought out natural products for the past 35 years. I started Ecobaby Organics Inc in 1992 from my garage, and then Pure-Rest Organic Bedding Company in 2002 to service the whole family with their organic bedding needs. Both of these companies are still running right here out of San Diego by my family. 

doTERRA has forbid their buyers from selling in online malls such as amazon, ebay, etc. So any products in online malls are not authorized doTERRA products. So many fake, diluted, and unauthorized knockoffs have been found in online malls, that doTERRA, in order to protect consumers, is working hard to educate the public of this dilemma. It is sad that so many counterfeits are coming from other countries and infiltrating our lives.

I was just on the News here in San Diego where I mention the counterfeit products and the other Amazon issues, including hacking. It is also streaming on Yahoo News. Amazon hacked 

Now I am doing doTERRA Essential Oils so that I can generate a forever income as I age and want to work less. So far it has been great. The beginning was hard, no get rich scheme here. I am so glad I am doing this! I have built a loyal downline, and make a nice income. The income has been increasing monthly now without work on it from me, good thing because I was unable to work much since my car accident and the battles that followed. I am now getting back to work so I can increase my income faster. And anyone can do this. It is surprising how many people prefer a daily job that has little chance for advancement, when there are so many opportunities out there. A great perk is we can legally write off many of our expenses for our doTERRA business. I travel to meet my downline, and write it off.

Some people are not interested in working for income, but love to save money on their natural health products, and love FREE things. And we have something for them. We are now able to sign up wholesale customers of doTERRA. No product purchases are necessary, and you get products at actual wholesale if you choose to buy any. Why pay Amazon, ebay or any other site a higher price? Why take a risk that the product you get is real product, not a knockoff.

Fake Products on Amazon

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